Next Steps

This is going to be an uphill fight. The NFL pits communities against each other over the threat of packing up and moving away. 

Here's what needs to happen next: Ask everyone you can to sign the petition and say "Hail No" to a new stadium at RFK. It's crucial to build a large coalition of District residents who are against this move as fast as we can. It doesn't matter if you live near RFK or not -- this will affect all DC residents. Once we commit future tax revenue and land to billionaire Dan Snyder, that's money we can't raise and land we can't use for housing, schools, and finding ways to make daily life better for all District residents.

If you're on Twitter, follow @RFKNO for breaking news alerts around the project and opportunities to engage in the debate. Take the message and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instgram using #HailNo.

Here's a few sample messages to work from: 

I'm against a deal with billionaire Dan Snyder to put a NFL stadium at RFK - every dollar and square foot that goes into a deal for a team with eight home games a year can't be dedicated to housing, schools, public transit, or small businesses.

Let's do the right thing and grow our city for our residents and families, not a billionaire owner who has shown over and over and over that he doesn't care about or share DC values.


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